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At CAA BEAUTY SCHOOL, our mission is to provide our students with hands on training and knowledgeable educational programs in order to succeed as a beauty professional.


Programs Available

Master cosmetology

CAA’s comprehensive cosmetology program will teach you to:

  • Use the latest trends in hair-cutting, coloring and design for men, women and children.

  • Master hair texture concepts and create the haircut or style that will please every guest.

  • Provide nail services such as manicures and pedicures, as well as esthetic procedures.

  • Develop marketing and communication skills to attract loyal salon clients and build your business through positive word of mouth.



The program includes instruction on the structure of the skin and its function, disorders and esthetic treatment procedures, hair removal services and professional makeup techniques, including:

  • Customized facial treatments and services

  • Spa treatment service procedures

  • Hair removal techniques

  • Makeup applications

  • Treatment and service customizing

  • Guest service and professional recommendation skills

  • Business-building skills for salon and spa professionals


nail technology

Successful nail artists are creative people with a strong sense of design and masterful technical abilities. They also need to be savvy business people who keep up with industry trends, treat their clients to the best possible service, and understand how to market and manage their business. From creativity to product knowledge to nail enhancement, our program gives you the skill set you’ll need to begin a career in the nail industry.



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